You buy insurance to buy peace of mind. Sometimes, however, your insurance company will refuse, delay or only partially pay your legitimate claim. Colorado law provides for penalties against insurance companies which act in bad faith. If your insurer acts unreasonably in handling or denying your claim, you may have a case.

Often, however, these cases look a lot like “David versus Goliath.” Insurance companies are huge, well-funded corporations and, of course, they know this area of the law very well. You need attorneys with experience and success in fighting insurance bad faith cases. The attorneys at Parker Lipman have handled hundreds of cases against insurance companies; we know how they operate and we know the law.

We understand that you bought insurance for a reason; it’s not ok to discover that your insurance company won’t protect you at the time you need it most. You have our attention. We can help you get what you’re owed.

We recently represented:

  • A woman who was in a car crash and her passenger was severely injured. The driver’s insurance company only offered to pay the passenger $25,000, exposing the driver to a law suit that could demand millions of dollars.
  • Drivers with under-insured motorist coverage whose own insurance companies refused to promptly and reasonably compensate them.
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