As a parent, your child’s future is your utmost concern. When your child has been harmed by the carelessness of another, the prospect of providing a healthy, fulfilling future can be daunting – emotionally and financially.

In cases this traumatic, it can be tempting to seek a rapid settlement and move on with your life, as less seasoned attorneys might encourage. But in doing so, you may hinder your ability to provide future medical care for your child. You may also limit your own quality of life choices, locking in a life in which you will forever serve as your child’s primary caregiver.

At Parker Lipman, we consult with pediatric specialists in a variety of fields to understand the extent of your child’s injuries and the impact they may have years into your child’s future. By the time we are done investigating your case, you will understand the full impact of your child’s injuries as he or she grows into an adult.

You have our attention. We understand your child is your whole world. We are here to help you prepare for the future.

We have handled…

  • Cases for children injured by medical malpractice, including improper intubation, negligent labor and delivery and lab errors.
  • Cases involving misdiagnosis of infections and other serious diseases.
  • Cases for children injured by dangerous products
  • Cases for children injured in auto crashes.
  • Cases for children with brain injuries.
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