A tool or product that you trusted has harmed you or your property. That is simply not ok, especially if you sustained injuries. You likely have a case for compensation and many attorneys would like to help you settle quickly, but these cases can be complicated and demanding.

Products liability is a complex area of law and manufacturers have deep pockets to defend themselves. Parker Lipman’s attorneys have extensive experience with product liability cases. Further, we know how to evaluate the full economic impact of your injury, including future medical and rehabilitation needs, and your loss of income. We investigate your case, studying both the product as well as your injuries thoroughly, so that we can accurately convey the science and the medicine to a judge or jury. Only then do we place a value on what you are owed.

When you, your home or business has been injured or damaged due to a defective product, we will give you the personal attention your case deserves.

Sample Cases:

  • We recently negotiated a successful settlement from a large medical device manufacturer for a patient whose large external fixator, implanted in his thigh bone, had snapped post-surgery, causing incredible pain and the need for additional surgery.
  • We pursued a scaffolding company which had started importing locking wheels from China without the rigorous testing required in the United States. The wheel locking mechanism failed, resulting in a devastating brain injury to our client.
  • We obtained compensation for a customer sickened by blueberries tainted by Hepatitis A.